Membership Fees

Membership Fees

By Robert Buchan
23 March 2020
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Online payment of membership fees

Part of the planning for A Journey to Excellence 2030 Vision is administration of the club membership via the website to improve communication and management.

An element of membership management is the payment of the annual subscription, to assist members we are implementing an option to pay membership fees via the online shop.

To choose this option:

Step 1: Log into your web account via the LOGIN tab on right side of the header

Step 2: If you do not have an online account please register via the JOIN tab on the right side of the header.

Step 3: A guide to joining the website is available on the MEMBERSHIP tab at the top of the header

Step 4: Go to the SHOP tab

Step 5: Select the relevant membership product and choose one of the options

a. Ordinary Membership
i. Ordinary
ii. Senior
iii. Country
iv. Student

b. Playing Membership
i. Playing
ii. Student

c. Family Membership
i. Family
ii. Senior Family

Step 6: Complete the payment form

Step 7: Pay via Debit/Credit Card

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