300 Club

Background Information

It is the intention that the 300 Club will run on an annual basis with a monthly cash prize raffle open to all club members, their relatives and friends. Half the money collected each month will be distributed as cash prizes in the draw with a percentage held over for the purposes of a Jackpot draw to be held at the yearly AGM. The other half of the money raised will go directly to Club funds and be used to support all sections of the Club including the general costs of running and maintaining the fabric of the Club buildings. The prize structure and size of the cash prizes, based on 300 members, will be organized as follows. The total monthly prize fund available will be £1,200 but 20% of this, equating to £240, will be retained for the Jackpot draw in month 12. This will provide a Jackpot fund of £2,880 and a Monthly prize fund of £960

Cash Prize Prize fund %
1st Prize £300 31.25
2nd Prize £250 26.04
3rd Prize £190 19.79
4th Prize £120 12.50
5th Prize £100 10.42

Because it is currently not possible to predict the total number of members that will be in the Club Lottery on start date, the prizes will be divided up on the percentage basis as shown above. For instance, if the membership was 250 and not 300 then the total monthly prize fund would be £1,000 not £1,200 and the prizes will be divided accordingly

How do I purchase my Lottery Number(s)?

Either – Complete the attached Standing Order Mandate, sign and date it, and post it direct to your Bank.

Or – Send a Cheque made payable to “Aberdeenshire Cricket Club 300 Club.” An additional cheque will be required year on year, with the Lottery itself running month to month with no gaps in between.

Send the Cheque to:

Mr John Shipley, Treasurer
Morningside Road
AB10 7FB

Please also complete the Contact Details slip below so that we have an accurate record for you with a current phone number and e-mail address if you have one.

Post Code

300 Club Rules

  1. Each application will be allocated a “permanent number” between 1 and 300 on a first come, first served basis by the 300 Club committee administrators. This number will remain permanent as long as the subscription has been paid.
  2. The 300 Club shall not be limited to 300 members.
  3. There are no restrictions on the quantity of numbers any individual may purchase.
  4. Membership is not restricted to members of Aberdeenshire Cricket Club.
  5. The cost of each “number” will be £8 per month.
  6. Payment for each “number” can be by Standing Order for £8 per month, annual Cheque for £96, or for late entries a cheque to cover the remaining months of the calendar year.
  7. For each “number” to qualify for the monthly draw the £8 fee must be in the Club account by the 20th of the month the draw is to take place in.
  8. The Club administrators will check the Club account bank statement each month, prior to the draw, to confirm who is eligible and to determine the exact value of each of the 5 prizes.
  9. To be eligible for the Jackpot Draw at yearly AGM, members must have contributed the full annual subscription of £96.
  10. Members wishing to join after the first draw in April 2013 can do so but must first contribute the £8 for each of the months they were not in the Club. This will allow them to be registered for the Jackpot Draw.
  11. Missed payments by members during the 12 month Lottery year, for whatever reason, will exclude them from each of the monthly draws where there payment is not confirmed as being in the Club account on the 20th of the month in question.
  12. The draws will be made as close to the end of each month as arrangements reasonably allow and will take place at Aberdeenshire C.C. in the presence of a minimum of 3 members of the 300 Club. Members of the 300 Club are welcome to attend the draw meetings to witness the draw is they wish to do so.
  13. In the unlikely event that an ineligible number wins any of the monthly draws the prize fund will be split as follows – 50% to the Jackpot Draw and 50% to Club funds.
  14. In all matters of dispute the decision of the Aberdeenshire Cricket Club 300 Club committee shall be final.
  15. Aberdeenshire C.C. 300 Club Committee shall also have the power to amend or revoke these rules at their absolute discretion with such reasonable notice to the 300 Club members as is necessary.
  16. The allocation of lottery “numbers” and the draw results will be posted on the Aberdeenshire C.C. website and on the main notice board in the Clubhouse.
  17. The 300 Club Committee will make all reasonable efforts to post prizes, in cheque form, to the winners within 1 week of the draw.

For additional information see attached document.