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4. Heritage Project

Given that the Club was founded in 1857 it is not difficult to imagine that it has collected some interesting artifacts and memorabilia over the years. In fact you would be correct, but rather than collect, the appropriate term might be amassed. As well as the items on display in the Club, there is a huge collection of items in store. The Don Bradman material has for many years formed the centrepiece of our display, but there is far more.

As part of Vision 2030 which you can read more aboute under The Future label, we came to the conclusion that we undersell the Club's heritage. As a result a project is underway to audit and catalogue all our material. This is the first step in rebuilding the displays in the various rooms in the Club with a view to creating a visitor attraction aspect to the pavilion and Bradman Suite. Visitors would be able to pick up a catalogue and tour the Club recieving full explanations of the exhibits.

Ultimately we would like to digitise the collection and put it on the website. The objective of all of this is to create interest and pride in the Club, and give our members and visitors even more reasons for being part of Aberdeenshire Cricket Club.