Cricket at Aberdeenshire CC 2 of 7

2. Junior Cricket


Be an open and welcoming club that offers opportunities for all junior players to learn and play cricket in a safe, friendly and fun environment, endeavour to promote the best interests of each player by operating our training, coaching and competitive activities on the basis of allowing players to progress at their own pace in activities and games suited to their age and ability and to maximise their potential.


The objectives for junior cricket at Aberdeenshire cricket club are:

  • Build a clear pathway for player development that will create the next generation of Aberdeenshire cricketers at all levels.
  • Create an academy structure that provides an inclusive and supportive environment which integrates technical, tactical, physical and mental skills.
  • Develop players understanding of their abilities, mental resilience and tactical awareness that allow them to fulfil their potential and create opportunities for representative recognition.

Junior Pathway

Junior cricket at Aberdeenshire spans 5-16 years old, the stages of the player pathway are not age defined as Aberdeenshire recognise that players develop an interest in the game at different ages and physical and mental development occurs at different times. Players are welcome to join the club at any time and the coaching staff will ensure that they are aligned with the correct stage of the pathway.

At all stages of the pathway the coaching team will conduct player assessments post summer and winter training to identify areas of player development, the output of the assessment will be fed into the players development plan.

The coaching team will identify when junior players are ready to progress through each development stage and into senior cricket, they are responsible for recommending players for regional trials and training squads.


This phase of the pathway is delivered through two routes, Allstars cricket a national initiative designed to get children from 5-8 years old interested in cricket and the Redball Taking Cricket into the Community schools programme where cricket sessions are delivered in school time to pupils in P5 & P6 classes, both routes are linked to junior cricket at the club.

For more information on Allstars and Redball please look on the relevant sections.


The fundamental stage looks to build upon the introduction phase where young players understand the basic movement skills and have developed an interest in the game. The twice weekly coaching sessions will create a solid foundation of the four-cricket skills batting, bowling, fielding and catching for young players through fun activities and modified games.

This stage is softball based with plastic bats and no special kit is required to participate, players will have the opportunity to participate in local Kwik Cricket softball festivals to practice their skills in game situations.


The development phase is a mixture of softball and hardball cricket that builds upon the foundations laid in the fundamentals stage and looks to develop the players technical and tactical skills through a mixture of net based and game awareness coaching. A key part of this stage is the physical and mental development of the player and the coaching team will integrate this as part of the coaching process.

The move from softball to hard ball cricket can be challenging and does require the introduction of protective equipment, the coaching team will at all times monitor players to ensure their safety and that they are comfortable. The club will provide basic protective equipment until such times as the players want to purchase their own equipment.

This stage is an important part of a player’s development and the coaching team will confirm when players are ready to progress to the performance stage.

Players will be able to implement their cricket skills through participation in local, regional and national age group competitions.


Players at this level of the pathway will have demonstrated the ability to be challenged and are invited to attend by the coaching team, coaches will continue to develop players technical skills, they will challenge players decision making through high intensity game replication sessions.

Players will have the opportunity to play in age group competitions and senior club cricket.